Friday, February 20, 2015

Website moved

Dear readers,

As part of my annual project of streamlining and improving my online presence, I've MOVED MY WEBSITE to WordPress: Click here to come over and visit 

You'll find all the information on the new site that was on the old one, but in a less cluttered, less busy, and more user-friendly set-up. 

My SPEAKING page contains a list of my speaking topics, and you'll find a list of upcoming events where I'll be speaking and teaching in the sidebar on every page. There's also a CONTACT FORM on the SPEAKING page should you want to contact me about speaking at your event. 

Clicking on the BOOKS tab will take you directly to my Amazon author page, where you can browse my titles and order what you want to read next (or give as a gift). 

You can also purchase my books which have been published by Helping Hands Press on the HHP online store. The audio version of Fifth Wheel Vol. 1, "Gracie's Gift," is available only through HHP. To download a FREE SAMPLE  of the audio version of "Gracie's Gift," click here. I still have to put this information on the new site. As I said, it's a Work In Progress. 

Also to be added yet is a section "About Me," but, hey, if you've been reading this blog or my newspaper column (God, Me & a Cup of Tea) or any of my meditation books, you already know all about me! Hopefully "About Me" will be added by early next week.

I still haven't decided where to put the NEWS section: on the home page at the bottom or make a separate page? What do you think? I value your feedback, so please do leave your opinion in the comment section of this blog or send me a comment using the CONTACT form on the webpage.

Speaking of news, if you haven't already signed up for my NEWSLETTER, which you'll receive right in your email inbox, please do. Click here to sign up to receive MEMO FROM MICHELE as soon as it's hot off the press. I won't share your information, and you can opt out at any time. 

Speaking of which . . . if you've signed up to receive the newsletter and haven't gotten any since the first one was released back in November and you're wondering why . . . I simply dropped the ball. I'd hoped to put a newsletter out bi-monthly, but it looks more like it will be quarterly (every three months). Look to receive the next edition at the beginning of March.

And finally,  I want to THANK YOU, dear readers, for all your support, encouragement, prayers, and faithfulness. I look forward to hearing from you and staying connected. And I pray that the words that I write and speak will be to you a cup of inspiration, a spoonful of encouragement, and a generous outpouring of the milk of God's love. 



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