Sunday, May 8, 2011

A mother's prayer

Mother's Day bouquet from Jaime.

And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. – Luke 2:52 NIV

My children are all grown, now, Lord. I don’t hear their voices every day. I don’t have to cook for them, pick up after them, or remind them to clean their rooms, take out the garbage, do their homework, or be home by curfew.
No more do I scrutinize report cards, or attend teacher conferences, holiday programs, and piano and ballet recitals. No schedules deck my refrigerator. I don’t have to answer “why” questions or make sure I have the right change for lunch money or explain why I don’t want another dog. My day no longer centers around them. They are all on their own. I sure hope I’ve done a good job.
But, Lord, my job is far from over. Now I get to parent from my knees. Now I get to practice heartfelt, persistent prayer. I pray that they would be RICH – not in the worldly sense, but in the character traits that will bring them success and satisfaction as human beings:

Respect: That they would respect themselves, others, and You. That they would command the respect of others by their behavior and beliefs.
Responsible: That they would fulfill their commitments and duties without whining or complaining. That they would be accountable for their own foul-ups and not look for excuses or try to place the blame on circumstances or others.

Integrity: That they would be persons who keep their word and do the right thing, even if they must stand alone and go against the flow. That they would be fair and just.
Industry: That they would not be afraid of good, old-fashioned hard work, and not be ashamed to get their hands dirty doing it.

Character: That they would have high standards for their behavior and speech, and find the inner strength to do what is right through a personal relationship with You.
Compassion: That they would look out for the other guy, be their brothers’ keepers, help the helpless and fight for the underdog. That they would nurture an unselfish spirit. That they would know that kindness is not weakness, but strength.

Honor: That they would always tell the truth and do what is right, and strive to be the person described in Psalm 1.
Humility: That they would not think themselves better than anyone else and not treat others as their servants.

Guide them in the problems they face and in the decisions they make. Bless them and keep them, Lord, and make Your face shine upon them. Show them Your grace and favor and give them peace (Numbers 6:24-26). And may they be Psalm 1 men and women. Amen.

Special-Tea: Read Psalm 1

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