Saturday, February 26, 2011

A roller coaster week

Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me. – Psalm 54:4 (NIV)
What a week it’s been!
On Monday I enjoyed an unexpected snow day. I caught up on school and freelance work, made chili and spaghetti sauce--and cleaned up the kitchen. Yep, it was a good day. Thank you, God, for snow days, even if we got more of the dreaded freezing rain. And thank you that the pain I’ve been dealing with for four months has abated.
Tuesday I chipped off one-half inch of ice from my Explorer. Hubby had already swept off the nine inches of snow. The roads were plowed nice and wide, the sky was blue, the sun smiled, and I made chicken Parmesan for supper. Thank you, God, that I was well enough to tackle that ice. It wouldn’t have been good for a chunk of it to break off while I was driving and hit the vehicle behind me.
Wednesday I felt the pain from the ice-chipping. After physical therapy, I came home and headed for the love seat and the heating pad, and was thankful for leftovers. And Tylenol with codeine. I also received news that my pastor and his wife, who is also the administrator of the school where I teach, had accepted a call from a church in Illinois. Sigh. I really don’t want them to go, Lord, but I understand we must follow Your call.
On Thursday morning I remembered my brother had had a consultation with a heart specialist the day before, my daughter was having surgery that morning 700 miles away, and a hollow feeling welled up in the pit of my stomach when I thought about losing a pastor and a boss, both whom I respect, admire, and love. God, can’t You call them back here?
At 1:00 I remembered my 12:30 hair appointment. But physical therapy was good. My pain level was down to 1 or 2 (9 being the highest). I realized that the pain in my shoulder was gone and the muscles were no longer tense. I’m no longer walking hunched over, I’m popping fewer pain pills, and I have more range of motion. I’ve turned a corner.
By supper time I was back on the love seat, heating pad on my back, digesting only one pain pill. My daughter was home resting after a successful surgery, my brother doesn’t need the heart procedure we thought he might need, and I was exhausted. Thank you, Lord, that I made enough on Monday that we could have leftovers again. And thank You for taking care of my loved ones.
Yes, it’s been a roller coaster week. But that’s life. I may be screaming around sharp turns feeling as though the car I’m in is out of control, or chugging up steep climbs wondering if I’m going to make it to the top, but I know that my God is in control. And because of Him, I’m going to make it.
My soul finds rest in You alone, O God. Thank you for being my rock, my refuge, my fortress, my salvation. Amen.
Special-Tea: Psalm 62      

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