Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I've been hacked! Someone hacked into my Yahoo account, changed the password, added another email account, and sent a hoax message to everyone in my address book. I'm not in Spain. I haven't been robbed at gunpoint. I'm home safe and sound. I apologize if you received the hoax email. Gee--don't some people have anything better to do?

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  1. Hey woman,

    So glad I thought to visit your site...to see if you're actually in Spain and had perhaps blogged about what sounded like a harrowing experience. I had very nearly convinced my husband to somehow "find" the money and wire it to you. Just moments ago I received a response from Godknowswho, imploring me to help.

    The more I looked at the second email, though, the more I suspected that it wasn't you. I figured there were far too many typos and grammatical errors for a consummate writer like you to commit, no matter what sort of duress you might be under. ;-)

    I'll gladly forward you the email once Yahoo resolves the issue if you'd like me to.

    Oh, and I'm SO INCREDIBLY RELIEVED to hear you're safe and sound. Hope all's well on the writing front. Still pounding the keys here, but no agent yet.


    Planet Mom